Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brrr. A little thing called "winter"

I am an east coast native, born and raised on the coast of Maine. Apparently I'm already too accustomed to the west coast weather that I had to go buy a winter jacket and a new pair of Uggs on my visit to New York! On the bright side I get to wear my cute, new winter hat! Another plus about visiting New York is that there is a Dunkin Donuts about every 2 miles. Oh how I've missed paying $2 for a coffee instead of my regular $6 (daily). One thing I don't miss about the east coast.. shoveling snow off my car, pardon my french but FUCK that!


  1. Have you heard of 9 cent coffees in LA? It will be 45 cents Feb 2. Have a read here:,0,3825089.story

    Would love to see Maine one day, maybe summer time, though

  2. Good morning (^_^) ciara have nice day,

  3. I recently moved to Northern California from L.A.. The things are cheap and all, and the weather is freezing cold. We sometimes don't realize how spoiled we get when our sunshine is taken from us.

    Sincerely, Burr in the BAye

  4. Good night ciara,all right ? (-.-)Zzz・・・・,